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World Television Day

November 21, 2024

Wall of television screens for World Television Day

World Television Day takes place on 21st November every year to celebrate the role of television as a major source of information, education, and entertainment.

It is a day designated by the United Nations to highlight the impact of television on the process of decision-making, promoting cultural exchange, and enhancing mutual understanding among nations.

The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed World Television Day in December 1996, acknowledging the increasing impact of television on decision-making by bringing the world’s attention to conflicts and threats to peace and security. The day encourages member states to observe World Television Day by promoting the exchange of cultural expressions and fostering a shared understanding of international issues.

Television plays a crucial role in shaping public opinion, disseminating information, and fostering dialogue among people worldwide. World Television Day serves as an opportunity to recognize the significance of television in influencing public opinion and promoting a more informed and connected global society.


November 21, 2024
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