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Event Series Balmoral Show

Balmoral Show

The Balmoral Show takes place annually from the 15th to the 18th of May, marking a steadfast tradition in celebrating agriculture, food, and rural life. With its roots firmly planted in Northern Irish soil, this premier event showcases the very best of local produce, livestock, and innovation in farming practices. Whether you're a seasoned farmer, a food enthusiast, or a family looking for a fun day out, The Balmoral Show promises something for everyone.

Endangered Species Day

Endangered Species Day is observed on the third Friday in May each year, serving as a poignant reminder of the critical importance of protecting and preserving Earth's most vulnerable wildlife. This annual event provides an opportunity for people worldwide to learn about endangered species and take action to safeguard their future.

World Bee Day

World Bee Day buzzes into our calendars on the 20th of May each year, celebrating the vital role that bees play in our ecosystems and food production. Unlike some other awareness days, World Bee Day maintains a fixed date, providing an annual opportunity to raise awareness about bee conservation and appreciation.

World Turtle Day

World Turtle Day emerges from its shell on 23rd May, shining a spotlight on these ancient and majestic creatures and the conservation efforts aimed at protecting them. Unlike some observances, World Turtle Day surfaces on the same date every year, inviting turtle enthusiasts and conservationists worldwide to raise awareness and take action for the well-being of turtles and tortoises.

Garden Wildlife Week

Garden Wildlife Week kicks off on the last Monday in May, marking a special time to celebrate and appreciate the vibrant ecosystem that thrives right in our own backyards. This week-long event is a fixed occasion, offering a dedicated opportunity each year to connect with nature and create habitats that support local wildlife.

World Otter Day

World Otter Day slides into our calendars on the last Wednesday in May each year, marking a special occasion to celebrate these adorable and charismatic creatures. Unlike some other awareness days, World Otter Day's date is fixed, ensuring we can dedicate this day annually to raising awareness about otter conservation and appreciation.

World Parrot Day

World Parrot Day, a vibrant celebration of our feathered friends, takes flight on the 31st of May each year, inviting bird lovers and conservationists alike to marvel at the beauty and diversity of parrots. Whether you're an avian enthusiast or simply admire these colourful creatures from afar, this day is an opportunity to raise awareness about parrot conservation and welfare.

Butterfly Awareness Day

Butterfly Awareness Day takes place on the first Saturday in June each year, offering a dedicated opportunity to celebrate these enchanting creatures and raise awareness about their importance in ecosystems worldwide. While the specific date may vary annually, this delightful day consistently falls on the first Saturday of June, ensuring that butterfly enthusiasts can mark their calendars in advance.

National Microchipping Month (Pets)

National Microchipping Month takes place in June each year, providing a dedicated opportunity to promote responsible pet ownership and the importance of microchipping pets. This informative month remains consistent annually, allowing pet owners to educate themselves and take proactive steps to ensure the safety and well-being of their furry companions.

International Day For The Fight Against Illegal Fishing

International Day for the Fight Against Illegal Fishing takes place on the 5th of June each year. This important day remains fixed annually, offering a consistent reminder of the global effort needed to combat illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing.

Open Farm Sunday

Open Farm Sunday takes place on the second Sunday in June each year, offering a unique opportunity for people to visit farms across the country and learn about modern farming practices. As it falls on the same Sunday each year, it provides a consistent date for individuals and families to engage with agriculture and rural life firsthand.

National Bug Busting Day

National Bug Busting Day takes place on 15th June each year, offering a dedicated opportunity to tackle head lice and promote good hygiene practices. Unlike some awareness days, National Bug Busting Day remains fixed on the same date every year, ensuring that families and communities can come together annually to address this common issue.

World Sea Turtle Day

World Sea Turtle Day takes place on 16th June each year, offering an opportunity to raise awareness about the conservation of sea turtles and their habitats. Unlike some awareness days, World Sea Turtle Day remains fixed on the same day every year, ensuring a consistent platform to advocate for the protection of these magnificent creatures.

The Royal Highland Show

Royal Highland Show takes place in June each year, showcasing the best of Scottish agriculture, food, and rural life. The dates for the event vary slightly from year to year but typically fall in the third or fourth week of June.

World Giraffe Day

World Giraffe Day was initiated by the Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF) to highlight the challenges giraffes face in their natural habitats.

Bring Your Dog To Work Day

Bring Your Dog To Work Day was established to promote the benefits of having dogs in the workplace, which include reducing stress and increasing employee satisfaction. It also serves to raise awareness and funds for animal welfare organisations. This special day is a fantastic opportunity for dog lovers to combine their professional and personal lives, creating a more relaxed and enjoyable work environment while supporting a good cause.

World Camel Day

World Camel Day is dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of camels to many cultures, especially in arid and semi-arid regions. This day highlights the camel’s vital role in transportation, agriculture, and their ability to thrive in harsh environments. Celebrations and educational events are held to honour these resilient animals, promoting their welfare and conservation.

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