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Awareness Days Business & Finance

Start of Tax Year

We're sure you don't need to be reminded that the 6th April is the start of the tax year in the UK.  The start of the tax year is always […]

Consultants Day

Consultants Day takes place on the first thursday of June every year. It is an observance that celebrates and acknowledges the contributions of consultants and the consulting profession. It provides an opportunity to recognize the expertise, skills, and value that consultants bring to various industries and organizations.

Start of Quarter 4

The 1st of October is the start of quarter 4, otherwise know at Q4. The fourth quarter is made up of October, November, December and is often a critical period for businesses, especially in retail and e-commerce, due to the holiday shopping season. Companies focus on achieving year-end sales targets, managing inventories, and closing the books for the fiscal year.

2024 Planning

October is a good time to start strategic planning for the next year. Yearly business planning is essential for organizations to establish strategic direction, set clear goals, allocate resources effectively, and measure performance.

National Customer Service Week

National Customer Service Week takes place annually, during the first full week in October, with this year's event running from Monday, 2nd to Friday 6th October 2023.

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